Couch potato madness

So…why am I couch potato mom?

Well, I love television. It is probably my biggest vice.  I will watch trash, so-called reality, home improvement, documentaries, primetime, british drama…I feel like I learn a lot.  Even intellectual programming like Biggest Loser has something to teach us. Okay, it’s not intellectual.  But I’ve definitely learned that I don’t want Jillian Michaels as an enemy.

I really enjoy watching television while reading a magazine.  I keep an eye on both, preferably while the computer is on, too, so I can see if an email pops up.

And really, I think it’s all become a drug for me.  I need a new distraction constantly.  this can’t be healthy.

I think some of this stems from having very little time just for me.   Carving out time to focus can’t be a bad thing, so starting this week, I’m going to begin working on my couch potato ways in earnest.

The first to go? Multi-tasking. It just doesn’t work.  I’ll watch tv when I wanna watch, but I won’t write email or read the Times  simultaneously.  Expect a report soon.


March 21, 2011. Getting happy.

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