Angry politicians and the budget

I have been walking around pretty pissed recently. Not because I’m feeling holed up at home, but because I feel like American politicians are completely oblivious to the troubles of everyday people.  Of course, hasn’t this been a problem plaguing just about every nation out there with representatives?  I bet so.  That doesn’t make it right, though.

Many Congressmen–and I use the term “men” because most are men–are pretty darn wealthy.  And they claim to be representing the views of the people when they stubbornly hold up a budget plan in order to get concessions on abortion funding or the obliteration of environmental protection.  It might be true that a small majority of Americans do not like abortion. However, holding up the funding of national parks, social service agencies, and the IRS (!!!) can hardly be beneficial for anyone.  Without paychecks, federal employees won’t be able to spend. Yet when in the midst of economic crisis, we get messages from the government to get out there and open our wallets!  How’s that gonna work?

Of course, it just came out that spending is up in many parts of the retail sector.  I don’t think this is a sign of growing prosperity, though.  Wages continue to stagnate.  Food prices are squeezing us. Gas prices are on the verge of killing us.  But how many times can we wear the same pair of ratty pants to work?  Many people have hunkered down for so long that they cannot wait to purchase necessities any longer.  I’m in the market for some myself after years of not purchasing much at all.  It hurts to spend the money when things are so tight; however, I’m down to one pair of pants. And they’re maternity wear.

Bureaucracy is notoriously inefficient. And expensive. I don’t see, though, how targeting money earmarked for Planned Parenthood is going to solve our budget “crisis”.  Keeping wages from workers during this time of vast unemployment most certainly won’t.


April 8, 2011. Tags: , . The Angry American.

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