A step away from meds

On Wednesday night, Ryan and I went to dinner at the Blue Bird Bistro for their Wednesday Night Table–Four courses with wine for just $40 each!  It was divine.  The restaurant is nationally renowned for farm-to-table deliciousness, and I can say that all the food was spectacular.  The wine?  Tasty.  The company? Wonderful.  We dined with the owner of the restaurant, the hostess, and a baker.

I needed that date night.  It felt good to relax with my husband. But it also felt good to talk about something that brings me great joy–food–and relate to others over a meal.  I wasn’t afraid to just be myself and share.

Of course, I had a leeeetle too much to drink. I’ve become such a lightweight.  I hope my dining partners forgave me, but I think I wasn’t *that* enthusiastic.

Something happened that day, though, that also has lightened the mood around here.  I forgot to take my meds that day. With all the excitement of having grandparents around and getting a date night, it completely slipped my mind.  The next day, I decided to start an experiment. Since I’ve read that cold-turkey abstinence from Zoloft can cause some unpleasant side effects, I figured a half-dose would do.

Just dropping some of the chemical dependency has made me happier.  The side effects I’ve endured–non-stop eye twitching and chronic headaches–aren’t the worst things ever, but I’d prefer not to *need* a daily pill.  We’ll see if I’m successful.


April 15, 2011. Tags: , . Medical avenues.

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